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Expose the Dam Truth, Mobilize the Public, Urge Leaders to Act (DamTRUTH)
Billions of public dollars have been spent over four decades trying to overcome the salmon-killing design of the four lower Snake River dams. Nothing has worked. Salmon cannot wait any longer. To prevent extinction, the dams must be breached now.”

American Rivers names the Snake as #2 on the Most Endangered Rivers® List of 2022 (IdahoRivers.org, April 2022)
“American Rivers lists the four federal dams on the Lower Snake River which are Ice Harbor, Lower Monumental, Little Goose, Lower Granite as the major threat, putting it high on the list. Tribal Treaty rights and culture, rural communities, and local economies are at risk of losing  some of the most historically prolific salmon and steelhead runs in the Columbia River Basin.”

Columbia River Basin Fisheries: Working Together to Develop a Path Forward (WhiteHouse.gov, March 2022)
“We cannot continue business as usual. Doing the right thing for salmon, Tribal Nations, and communities can bring us together.  It is time for effective, creative solutions.”

Saving Salmon – from One Generation of Fisherwomen to the Next (National Resources Defense Council, March 2022)
“Keyen Singer, a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, carries on a maternal legacy of conserving salmon and preserving culture. Their efforts could soon pay off.”

To Breach or Not to Breach the Snake River Dams? (The Lewiston Tribune, Feb. 2022)
“Lewiston Council hears proposal of retaining dams; city hasn’t officially taken a position…”

New Research Shows 55% Decline Over 70 Years for Steelhead (Wild Salmon Center, Jan 2022)
“A WSC-coauthored study reveals concerning trends — and lessons — for Washington’s prized wild steelhead runs.”

It’s All Home Water: Restorative Shovels and Dynamite (Patagonia)
“Now is the time for restorative shovels and dynamite. Humanity built the dams, and humanity can take them down. It’s only concrete.”

Idaho Heart, Idaho Ark: The Middle Fork is Our Best Chance to Sustain Salmon in an Uncertain Future  (Idaho Capital Sun, Jan. 2022)
“Continually declining salmon counts on the Salmon river is a flashing red light. The warning? Extinction.”

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Pass United Resolution Supporting Removal of Four Lower Snake River Dams (Indian Country Today, June 2021)
“Tribes call on Biden Administration to secure funding, join Northwest Tribal Salmon Summit to hammer out bipartisan resolution of decades-long fight.”

What Does Quasi Extinction Actually Mean? (Columbia Insight, Dec. 2021)
“If the current rate of decline continues, by 2025 77% of those chinook populations will meet the quasi-extinction threshold.”

Hot Water Report 2021, Issue 12 (Save Our Wild Salmon, Sept. 2021)
“Restoring the lower Snake River is our very best opportunity to restore endangered salmon and steelhead to abundance in the Northwest.”

The Fight to Save the Salmon (Time Magazine, Oct. 2021)
“But every year, that way of life, like the salmon it is built around, looks increasingly threatened.”

Climate Change, Glaciers, and Salmon (Nature Portfolio, Dec 2021)
“Glacier retreat poses risks and benefits for species of cultural and economic importance. One example is Pacific Salmon, supporting subsistence harvests, and commercial and recreational fisheries worth billions of dollars annually.”

Our Failure to Remember Affects Salmon and Steelhead Conservation (Trout Unlimited, Nov. 2022)
“The ‘best run in years’ doesn’t mean things are getting better overall.”

Guaranteed: They Will Come Back (Trout Unlimited, July 2021)
“Wild Snake River salmon and steelhead are on the brink of extinction, but we can bring these incredible fish back to abundance.”

Lower Snake River (Trout Unlimited)
“The worst Snake River salmon and steelhead returns in over 200 years.”


NW Energy Coalition White Paper (Feb. 2022)
“The Coalition released a white paper addressing the replacement of energy services from the lower Snake River dams.”

NW Council: Quasi Extinction Research (April 2021)
“Nez Perce Tribe staff presentation on their analysis of Snake River Basin Chinook and Steelhead – Quasi-Extinction Threshold and Call to Action”


A River Lost: The Life and Death of The Columbia by Blaine Harden

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